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For the industry, there is only one way forward

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Evolve, adapt, transform. The industry is constantly developing, embracing new challenges, technologies and new ways of doing business. This scenario of constant changes, coupled with a competitive market, requires increasingly skilled professionals and a keen eye to see the trends that may determine the future of the industry.

The mission of Firjan SENAI is to fully train the professionals and lead the industry into the future. We offer professional education and promote innovation for all industries in the state of Rio.

From the very begigning, we train highly qualified professionals for various industrial sectors, combining classroom theory with intensive hands on in modern workshops and labs, which reflect the reality of today's industry. At the end of the course, the Firjan SENAI professional is ready for any challenge. Moreover, by qualifying the best professional for the industry, we are training better citizens.

With innovation, we pave the path for the industry to develop. Through technology and innovation institutes and technology centers, we offer customized technological solutions, essential for the industry to be more competitive, technological and updated.

The industry evolves. Firjan SENAI follows.


Firjan SENAI's differentials

Technology, innovation and professionalism that transform

  • Hans on in modern workshops and labs

  • More than 90% of companies prefer to hire professionals trained by us*

  • More than 75 years of experience in professional industry training

  • Technology centers and institutes with statewide service

* Source: SENAI - DDE/GPE external evaluation program




The best professionals are trained at Firjan SENAI

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Professional qualification 

Firjan SENAI links classroom theory with practice in modern workshops and labs, which simulate the environment of today's industry. In addition, to facilitate learning and get students in touch with innovation, we use technologies such as simulators, 3D augmented reality and state-of-the-art equipment. The result is great for the student, who is prepared for the challenges of the labor market. The industry is also benefited because it has a highly qualified professional. It is no wonder that more than 90% of the companies prefer to hire professionals trained by us.

We have several types of courses: industrial learning, initiation, improvement, qualification and technical. All can be held in company, e-learning or in various fixed and mobile schools throughout the state of Rio.

Professional accreditation 

Firjan SENAI's professional accreditation is another tool to allow the industry to become more competitive by formally recognizing workers' professional skills by means of technical assessments, ensuring the levels of performance and qualification required by the market. Recognition of skills for professional qualification, accreditation to work in specific areas, as well as evaluation for professional accreditation.

Firjan SENAI Talent Database 

Access to thousands of resumes of professionals trained by us, split by industrial segment and by region. All this to help the industry find the ideal professional.

Mobile schools 

Firjan SENAI mobile schools are mobile workshops and labs that bring professional qualification and technological services to companies or wherever else is needed, allowing more flexibility. These schools have air-conditioned environments and the tools and equipment required for professional training or service delivery. This includes mobile educational kits, with equipment and tools transported in cases and assembled in suitable spaces available in your company. 

Free training

We also provide professional training totally free to low-income citizens in order to increase access to quality education for the entire population. Get to know some projects: 

Double School
Firjan SENAI, in partnership with the state government of Rio, offers professional training for students of state public schools, along with regular education. These courses, in addition to raising students' school performance and reducing dropout, are professionals who are ready for the labor market. This is great for the industry and the whole society.

Technology and innovation

With five innovation institutes and technology centers, Firjan SENAI offers technological solutions in a cross-sectional way, to serve all industrial sectors and to increase the competitiveness of companies. These institutes and centers provide applied research, product development, technology consulting and laboratory analysis in the areas of Bioprocesses, Red Ceramics, Environment, Metallurgy and Simulation.

Fab Lab
Firjan SENAI's FabLab laboratory is a place for creation and prototyping where students from different areas come together to develop digital manufacturing projects in a collaborative way. Students are encouraged to develop the entire productive process to bring solutions to the industry - from idea to prototype, going through all the steps until achieving the result. In a modern and stimulating environment for innovation, we are training better innovative professionals.


The SENAI Program of Inclusive Actions (PSAI) was nationally developed and applied in the state of Rio de Janeiro. It aims to include in our courses people with specific educational needs, to expand the attendance of Afro-Americans and Indigenous people, to allow women to access courses stigmatized for men, and vice versa; besides requalifying people over 45 years old and elderly ones, thus expanding their possibilities of inclusion and permanence in the labor market. Since the beginning of the program in the state of Rio, we have already qualified more than 11 thousand people with specific educational needs.



SENAI unities in Rio

O SESI está presente em todo o estado do Rio para levar serviços indispensáveis à saúde do trabalhador e de seus dependentes.


Programs and actions of Firjan SENAI

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FabLab Laboratory

Prototyping space that has all the physical and software resources to build solutions for the industry - from idea to prototype. A partnership between Firjan SENAI and the FabLab (Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT) network of laboratories focused on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ampliação da rede de escolas

Expansion of the school network 

In addition to fixed locations, many classes are taught in a growing fleet of mobile schools, with workshops and air-conditioned laboratories. They are equipped with didactic kits, with equipment and tools according to the need of the most diverse industrial sectors.


Modern workshops and laboratories 

Firjan SENAI combines classroom theory with practice in workshops and laboratories that simulate a real industry environment, in order to train professionals prepared for the challenges of the market. To facilitate understanding and put the student in touch with innovation, we use state-of-the-art technologies and equipment.



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