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Firjan IEL - The Business School of Industry

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The industry is steel, oil, bread, machinery, computer and employee; it creates, transforms, invents. Each industry has one sector; each sector, their needs. At the end, no industry is the same as another. Only one thing is common to all: the leader. He defines the success of the industry, whether large or small, with many or few employees, in the X or Y industry. And to develop the industry leader, nothing beats the industry itself. Therefore, we have Firjan IEL, the industry business school.

Through courses, workshops, studies and consulting in innovation management, we intend to boost the development of the industry of Rio de Janeiro, connect practical and innovative experiences in management, inspire business leaders to experience governance methods and problem solutions to stimulate the exponential growth of your business.

"What is the main problem to solve in your company?" By answering this question, Firjan IEL understands and translates the needs of leaders to help them in developing strategic actions, whether through executive education, consulting or programs that have applicability and sustainability in business environments.

In 2017, we covered almost 600 companies and trained more than 1,600 people through almost 500 hours of workshops, courses and consultancies.




Lectures, courses and information to form great businessmen

Executive education program

The current business environment requires leaders to cope with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of situations. Leaders must be prepared to build the direction of the company's purpose; understand the context and the strategies considering the stakeholders of the industry; must be creative and bold to face necessary organizational changes; as well as focusing on understanding the various paths available to the company and choosing the best one to achieve its goals.

That is why Firjan IEL's Executive Education program offers industry leaders knowledge and experience of governance and management methods, focused on practice and innovative strategies. Through courses, workshops and programs, the business school of industry presents trends in the areas of Management, Corporate Governance, Strategy and Leadership. The content is aligned with the real day-to-day challenges of the industry, promoting increased productivity and competitiveness.

The courses have presentations of case studies, according to Harvard methodology, to illustrate, in practice, the corporate environment, besides allowing the participants to relate the concepts addressed in the class with the different solutions to the same problem.

Innovation Management 

Today's business world demands that industries and their leaders innovate in management, processes, and business models. Therefore, Firjan IEL can act in strategy and business model creation for the companies, besides offering consulting services in innovation management, lean, quality and productivity; customized according to the needs of each industry.

Special Projects

We have several projects and consultancies aimed at assisting companies in increasing competitiveness, such as the International Executive Education Program, Inova Talentos, InovaTec and the Strategy and Union Management Program.



Firjan IEL's programs and actions


Firjan IEL Seminar on Entrepreneurship

Annual meeting that promotes entrepreneur culture by valuing creativity and innovation.


My Future Business

Meetings with businessmen and investors to encourage young entrepreneurs to carry out their ideas.


FirjanIEL Forum on Business Management

National and foreign lecturers debate management-related themes.



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